I have been doing qualitative research for about  15 years now. I have done  research which used interviews, focus groups, observation and verbal protocols as the data collection methods.

I have also given workshops on qualitative research  to academic staff, and postgraduate students (Masters and PhD). I've supervised Masters and PhD students in the past at Universiti Utara Malaysia.

 I've also written a book with other scholars from Malaysia,  Puvenesvary, M., et al. (2008). 'Qualitative Research: Data collection and data analysis techniques'  Sintok, Kedah, Malaysia: UUM Publishers.   The second edition of the book is in press

You can also purchase a  chapter that  I have written on interviews as a data collection technique. and how to analyse interview data. Let me know if you wish to get a copy. It's  A$10. I'll email  you the payment details and once payment  is received, I'll email you the document, in PDF format.

If you need to consult me about your qualitative  research project, pls do so via email dr.puven329@yahoo.com or whatsapp me on +61432976703.. We can discuss further about the fees, etc.

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