Workplace/Corporate/Education Wellness programs:
By Dr Puven, a meditator n trainer for 20+ years, International trainer
1 hour Healthy mind - Meditation  Training plus  brief Q n A, sharing
4 Meditation TRAINING options:
One off group session
4 weekly series - 1 hr each week
2x a month 1 hour training each week
One on one zoom session
Online via zoom or
In person at your premises
Call us now +61432975793 or WhatsApp to discuss your staff  healthy mind (meditation) needs n requirements. Happy to be of service
Healthy Body Session: 1 hour
 Healthy Eating why n how
Zoom sessions available  n let's discuss face to face sessions at your premises!
Sydney Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Brisbane,Darwin,etc
Workplace Meditation training  has been shown to be beneficial  for both employers  their employees
Benefits of meditation classes
- feeling of calmness,
- relaxed feeling
- at  peace
- manage anxiety better
- become focused
- clarity of mind
- able to make better decisions
- enhanced intuition
- better stress management
- increase productivity
- improve relationship with managers, co workers n customers
- better communication
- improve wellbeing
- feeling positive n happier
- reduce absenteeism
- harmonious workplace environment
- boost staff morale
- reduce workcover n compensation claims
- reduction in sick leave, medical
- lessen stress related illnesses
- reduction in staff turnover, training expenses
- better management of conflicts
- more resilient
- enhanced patience
-improved sleep quality
In this practical meditation session, I will take your staff through the  principles,demonstrate the  meditation techniques step by step , and we all will practice together followed by Q n A.
Meditation Classes details
1.One off for 1 hour
2. A  series of 4  weekly   sessions - meditation practice  each lasting 30 to 40  minutes, followed by  a short sharing by participants and a Q n A.
The meditation practice will cover different   techniques  moving from weeks 1 to 4.
Option 3:  2x  a month, we can meditate together during lunch time (or late morning) for  30 to 60 minutes so that your staff gets into the habit and   continue to use the  meditating technique learnt whenever they need to. 
Fees to be discussed :
The fee  per online meditation session
Via zoom. Max of 20 attendees at a time.
Face to face (in person sessions)  excluding travel expenditure. 20 Max number of attendees
To get  quote or book  a one-off class, please contact us. Can be offered anywhere in Australia, around the globe via zoom session. Pls ring or email to discuss  face to face trainings at your premises
A brief testimonial can be obtained  after the session to get feedback from participants on how the meditation session has benefited them
Were the sessions useful to you? In what ways
We provide Healthy mind healthy body  Sessions  in Many countries - Australia, South East Asia, India, Kuwait, etc

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