If you are looking for or would like to undergo Ayurveda  treatments (using heat press, herbs, massages,  etc) by qualified and experienced Ayurvedic practitioners and doctors at the hub of Ayurveda in India (Kerala) and Pune for overall well-being or any ailments, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Among the treatments offered  are to purify and detox, rejuvenate;  back and neck pain; neuromuscular problems, arthritis, rheumatic complaints, obesity management, stress disorders,  asthma, hypertension, diabetes, migrane, sinusitis, skin problems (psoriasis), allergies, hair problems, piles, and vitality.For more details, email me, pls

Kindly contact  Dr. Puven on dr.puven329@yahoo.com with your specific needs and I'll provide you with the  quotation.  Or tel or text: 0432976703.

Experience the aryurveda  treatments and  feel rejuvenated, happy and peaceful!

Telephone consultations with Ayurveda Physician in Pune can also be arranged.  Contact me for details.

Happy to be of assistance to you! Best wishes.

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