Who is Dr. Puven and how can she help you?

Health Coach, Meditation Facilitator  &  Funancial Ambassador

Dr. Puven, a former Assoc. Prof, Director of Studies, an educator/trainer/researcher  of about 30 years  facilitates meditation, educates groups and inviduals about healthy living, entrepreneurship  and financial freedom mastery

As an international trainer, speaker and blogger, Dr Puven has been offering  trainings  incuding online zoom sessions to clients and  groups in  Malaysia, Australia, NZ, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, USA, UK, Nigeria, Indonesia, the UAE, the Philippines, and Thailand.  She is also a

  • Funancial Ambassador -Financial Freedom Mastery
  • Certified Performance Coach (ICF),
  • Weight Management  Consultant 
  • Reiki Master
  • Meditator / Self-Enquirer 
  • an author 
  • participant of Brandon Bays 'The Journey- Intensive programme' 
  • Offers group and one-on-one coaching in healthy living, meditation, entreprenuership  and financial freedom mastery. 
  • Absent Reiki healing
  • Skin care-facial trainings



Dr Puven  is  also trained in Ayurveda Wellness and Beauty Consulting
in Kerala.


As an  entrepreneur, Dr Puven has trained hundreds  of  individuals looking for extra income, part time and full time job opportunities including professionals,  university students,  college students, school leavers, pensioners, housewives, and mothers 


  • PhD (Applied Linguistics-TESOL), MA (TESOL), BA Hons,
  • Advanced Diploma in Business (Aust.)
  • Diploma in Marketing (Aust.)
  • Diploma in Weight Loss Consulting &  Cert IV. in Weight Management (Aust.)
  • TAE Certificate IV in Teaching & Assessment (Aust.)
  • Reiki Master certificate (Aust.)
  • Certificate in Ayurveda facials and Indian Head Massage (Kerala).
  • Certificate in Malay Traditional Massage (KL)
  • Certificate in Relaxation Massage (Melbourne)
  • Certified Performance Coaching (ICF-Malaysia)

TESL: Teaching & Learning

As a Director of Studies, an academic, former Assoc. Prof. of Applied Linguistics (UUM),  Dr. Puven has  taught and guided hundreds  of students and lecturers in the area of teaching and learning of English as a Second and Foreign Language, and also in Qualitative research methodology.

Dr. Puven  has taught international postgraduates (MA &  PhD in Applied Linguistics) and  TESL/ESL to undergraduates  at University Utara Malaysia, and in the Foundation programmes of  RMIT (Melb.) and Trinity College of Melb. University.

Dr. Puven offers individual  and group training/coaching, mentoring and consultation  in Methods of Teaching ESL/EFL/EAP,  Syllabus Design, Assessment, and Curriculum Design. This includes General English, English for Academic Purposes and Qualitative Research.
She and her team have recently published the 2nd edition of their book, Qualititative Research: Data Collection & Data Analysis.  Available for orders at uumpress.com.my



Methods of Teaching English  (ESL, EFL, TESOL, ELT. EAL)
Qualitative Research, 
English for Specific Purposes, EAP
Thesis  (PhD, and Masters in English Language Education)



Healthy Living Coaching



Reiki healing treatments

Guided Meditation sessions
Satsang group session

Weight Loss & Weight Management 

Indian Head Massage



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